In Need of a Party Dress

My birthday is coming up and I am on the hunt for a fabulous party dress! I saw this dress a while ago on the OutNet (discounted designer dresses), but unfortunately I can no longer find it on online and can not remember the designer! I hope I find one soon, I'm running out of time...

A Few To Add to My Collection

Over the weekend I received 2 new bracelets as early birthday gifts. I'm really excited about them! I've been wanting them for a while to layer with my other Tiffany bracelets... Take a look:(the first one is from Links of London, and the second bracelet shown is from Tiffany's)
I added this charm to my bracelet (also from Links of London)

H&M Divided Fall 2010


Love it or Leave It?

Ever since I saw Carrie Bradshaw wear a turban in Sex and the City 2 I have been kind of in love with this look! Below is a picture of Ashley Olsen who wore a vintage headscarf to the launch party for YSL Belle O'Pium fragrance. How do you guys feel about this look? I'm not too sure if I like it for everyday wear, but I think it would be super cute and trendy on a vacation or a day at the beach. I have yet to find the perfect scarf to try this look...but in the end I'm going to say LOVE IT don't leave it!

A Few Forever21 Picks