Although icicles and snow flakes are pretty to look at, the recent cold weather has given me a harsh winter reality check. 
I've heard so much about Canada Goose and how warm their coat's are...but currently I have one of those TNA parka's and just always assumed they were kind of the same thing. 
Apparently, i've been really mistaken. I have heard from friends that their Canada Goose jackets keep them so warm during the winter and that it's pretty much the best coat ever. 
I am thinking it is time to retire my silly TNA parka and move on to a Canada Goose jacket.
The style I am eyeing is called The Kensington Parka, and I want it in Military Green (retails for $595). Problem is...they are pretty impossible to find this time of year. 
Luckily, when I really want something I don't take no for an answer...I am in the midst of tracking one down so expect a post saying I got one shortly. 
In the meantime, I will contemplate if I want Military Green or Black and ponder about the hefty price tag. 
In the end, it's an investment piece, right? 


As if this is any of my business... I just felt the need to post that it has been reported today that Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron have split. Waaaaa! I loved them together.... or maybe I just love that they both have great hair. Either way, I'm saddened! 


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