Low Luv X by Erin Wasson

Supermodel Erin Wasson came out with a new line of jewelry from her Low Luv label. It's pretty bad ass (just like her), and I really like it. It's edgy, with a mix of rock and roll so what's there not to like? Some pieces are pretty affordable, but you better buy yours while they last because rumour has it they are selling out fast. Here are some of my favourite pieces:
Silver Shake Cuff ($348)
Silver Bone Bangle ($99)

Gold Armour Knuckle Ring ($113) available in Silver and Gold

Hilary Duff May 2010

Hilary Duff graces the cover of Lucky Magazines May 2010 issue. I had to post it because I think she looks gorgeous! Hilary has always had good style (post her Hilary Duff t.v show days) and she reveals in an interview her favorite place to shop online is at Net-a-porter!
"I'm so addicted, I almost don’t leave my house anymore," jokes the 22-year-old. "My absolute favorite place to shop is Net-a-Porter. There are so many beautiful, irresistible things."

Hey Ken, how do you like me now?

I don't know about you guys but I loved loved loved Barbies growing up. Don't judge me but I still love them to this day and probably always will, so when I saw this I immediately had to post it. Parisian designer Christian Louboutin gives Barbie a make over for the second time naming it "Dolly Forever". This is just so cute! It's a limited edition too, so if you love Barbie and love shoes this is a great collectible item. What a great gift idea too!

Hey you, sexy jumpsuit!

Stella McCartney wore this fabulous jumpsuit at the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers America) Awards, and oh boy is it ever stunning. The femininity in the detail and the cut of the jumpsuit is so much more flattering than any jumpsuit I have ever seen!Oh and I love the sculpted shoulders too! She wore this really well, so simple and elegant.

After much anticipation this Stella McCartney Lace Jumpsuit is now available for $4,815.

Zara March 2010 Lookbook


My heart just skipped a beat

UMMMMMM HELLO! I just saw these online and I'm still going kinda crazy so excuse me. But check these out! The NEW Battery Powered Jimmy Choo Shoe! Ya, go back and re-read that!! These new Jimmy Choo's retail for $2,495 and have a lightbulb inside the 5 inch heel that activates every time you take a step! Oh, and there's a switch inside the insole which allows you to turn it on and off. These are freakin awesome!!!

Clean Up, Clean Up

So I went to Sephora today and I finally bought a brush shampoo to clean my brushes. To be honest i've never really cleaned my brushes before because I've never had a set of brushes I use consistently. But now that I have quite a few brushes I incorporate into my daily routine, I thought it was time to clean them up! WOW, I was amazed how much product came off. I mean it only makes sense to clean them regularly when I think back on it...you are essentially rubbing these brushes all over your face so you want to keep them clean (meaning you don't want any bacteria or build up on them). The brand I bought was just the Sephora brand and it was only $8 CAD. That's a really good price and the bottle is going to last me forever! Just thought i'd recommend that everyone clean their brushes if they haven't like me (before today anyways).
Oh, and I also FINALLY bought the Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curler. I haven't used it yet but I have heard a lot of good things about it, so I'm pretty excited. It better be amazing for $22.


Skinny Jeans

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has been spotted around town looking absolutely fantastic post-childbirth! She has been wearing a dark-rinse jean from PRVCY Premium Jeans.
PRVCY London Skinny jeans in "Rinse", $136 (orig. $193) at Revolve Clothing

Dr.Martens Fall 2010 Collection

I saw some pictures of Dr. Martens Fall 2010 Collection. And yes, I was quite surprised. I never thought I'd find myself wanting a pair of these...but I really had no clue that they were available in such a variety of colours and patterns. But now since combat boots are in style, i'm really feeling these. Can't wait for this collection to come out though, I am eyeing those black floral heel boots. LOVE THEM! In the mean time, let's enjoy the hot weather when it gets here!

Rumor Mill

Rumour has it that Lady Gaga will be collaborating with London label designer Linda Farrow on a collection of sunglasses. Linda Farrow has previously collaborated with Alexander Wang, Matthew Williamson, Dries Van Noten. I hope this is true because it is going to be friggan amazing! If you're unfamiliar with the label, check out the website! http://www.lindafarrow.co.uk/catalog


Major H&M Haul

So for those of you who have been following my blog you know that I have been waiting and waiting for The Garden Collection to come out at H&M. Well, today was the full release of the collection and I did some serious damage! I went to Yorkdale early this morning (left my house at 8am), to get there and wait in line for about an hour for the store to open. Luckily, there were only about 3 other girls in front of me. But once the doors opened it was chaos! Can I just say that some people are crazy!! I got yelled at and pushed around amidst the crowd BUT it was all worth it because I left with some beautiful pieces! I'm going to post pictures of what I bought soon but I'm off to study now for school and then head to work. So i'll get them up within the next week or so. Stay tuned!

Harem Pants

So I found the exact same harem pants that I posted Elin Kling wearing the other day!! I'm super duper excited to wear these! Here is a picture of her wearing them! They are actually a navy blue colour which I don't mind at all because you can barely tell. Oh, and btw I found them at Zara and they are $39.95 CAD (and really comfortable!)


To The Knee

So over the knee socks are really big right now and will carry on into Spring 2010. Pair over the knee socks with a skirt and some wedge booties, or oxfords for a super trendy look. Don't be limited to solid colours either, have fun with your socks and wear bold prints! Now is the time to let your fashion sense guide you...

The Blind Side

Just before I go to sleep I wanted to quickly write about this movie. So I watched it tonight and I thought Sandra Bullock played this role really well. So she definitely deserved the Oscar for her performance. It was nice to see her play a different role than her typical ditzy characters like from Miss.Congeniality (even though I love love that movie and have watched it probably 50 times).
The Blind Side left me feeling inspired, and I would definitely recommend everyone watches it! It's a good reminder that everyone deals with all sorts of different hardships in their life, so be kind to others!
Oh, and it is based on a true story! So those are always fun to watch!!

LOVE this look!

I am totally into crop tops with high waisted shorts, pants and skirts! This crop top is adorable, plus it combines one of my favourites for the season...LACE! As if that wasn't enough, it is paired with the cutest pair of denim high waisted shorts (also with a lace detail). I am searching for the perfect pair of denim shorts for summer...these would definitely make the cut!!

Atelier Versace S/S 2010

This dress is my favourite, so so so beautiful!!

This is also one of my favourites! Love the combination of the chain detail with the cutout top and layered skirt.