If you like The Hills, watch this!

Ok so maybe I'm just lame but I found this and thought it was hilarious. It's kind of like a parody of the show The Hills but done by little kids. Sooo funny!!

Btw, if any of you watched the Season 6 premier the other night...was it just me or does this season look like it is going to be so dumb? But why can't I stop watching it? So entertaining...



Spring/Summer Forever21 Picks

Here are just some things I found online at Forever21 that I thought would be cute for spring/summer!


Ok so I am soooo excited to write this post!

If any of you follow fashion blogs, magazines or anything fashion related you would know that right now MOSCHINO belts are all the buzz. The MOSCHINO block letter belt buckle has literally become a style blogger sensation! The belt is no longer manufactured because it is from the 80s so only vintage one's are available (that's if you can get your hands on one). But luckily, I just bought one yesterday and I couldn't be happier. Though it came with a bit of a price tag considering it is a belt, it was totally worth it because I will have this forever. It is one of a kind.

Here is a brief history:
"Franco Moschino was a huge advocate of social awareness and playing against the fashion system in the 80s and early 90s. Many of his colourful, surreal designs included ironic statements about cost and his ads poked fun at the barriers of the fashion world."(Refinery 29)

What's ironic is that in a time where fashion bloggers have become such an integral part of the fashion world, stirring up controversy with traditional fashion media outlets, it seems almost appropriate that the belt has re-surfaced. Either way, whether it's popularity is because of the tough chic image or about the referencing of the history of the brand it looks good either way!


Vacation State of Mind

So I am going on vacation in less than 2 weeks, so my mind is all about vacation apparel and accessories. Here are a couple of things I think would be cute for traveling to a hot country! Some of these I have purchased. Check them out below:

I bought this to use as my carry on luggage...
Op Art Coated Canvas Women's Boston Bag ($468) COACH
Slip On Sneaker ($95) Tory Burch
Jelly Thora ($65) Tory Burch

I also purchased this hat from Aldo Accessories, I think it is so adorable for the beach with a pair of aviators. Can't wait to wear it!
Laughner ($20) Aldo
Sweet Southern Fedora ($12.80) Forever21

MELANDER ($100) Aldo

Beach Mingle Bikini ($78) Anthropologie

Deal of the Day

Petal Tier Skirt ($18.80) Forever21

Gucci Love

So I was at the Holt Renfrew on Bloor last week, and of coarse I saw many many pretty things! But this one dress caught my eye like no other. I couldn't stop staring at it, and I couldn't help but touch the fabric and the hardware on the dress. When I got home I was so curious to see how much the dress was so I went on gucci.com. Well, let's just say for $11,160 it could be yours...
Take a look at this gorgeous dress:
Lace up harness dress with metal and cord embroidery and leather detail, ($11,160) Gucci.

Oh, and look what I stumbled upon! The matching shoes which are beautiful too!!!
'Sigrid' high heel platform sandals with metal embroidery, ($1,670) Gucci


Most Wanted: Prada Lace Up Ankle Boots

Just wanted to share this with you guys!

Apparently these Prada Lace Up Ankle Boots are already available for pre-order for Fall 2010! Cutout shoes remain strong, and these boots are already being highly sought after. I know it's really kind of crazy that we haven't even hit summer yet and there is so much hype around Fall. These will be cute to wear with socks because of the cut out detail. If you have $790 to blow, invest in these shoes!

Prada Lace Up Ankle Boots ($790)