Jewelry Obsessed

Those who know me, know I have a slight jewelry obsession! These are my latest must haves! Iwona Ludyga "Tiny Skully Bracelet" $245 & "Tiny Skully Ring" $190, 14k gold with white or black diamond eyes. I love that they are such dainty and feminine pieces with a bit of an edge. Will make them mine soon! 

I am also still lusting over the YSL Arty Ring. Unfortunately, I cannot find them in Canada anywhere to buy or try on so I know my size. So I might have to just suck it up and order online. I just can't seem to decide on a colour! I am debating between the white with amber flecks and the pink, both $250. 

Fall/Winter Wedge

I've been searching for the perfect wedge for fall/winter. I usually prefer a leather shoe for winter because it cleans well and is more durable, but when I saw these I fell in love! I really like the combination of leather & suede--it gives it a little something extra. I'm usually not a fan of the hidden wedge, but I just love everything about this shoe!