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Ever since I saw Elin Kling post this metallic gold nail polish on her blog I have been on the hunt to find it! After buying an OPI polish today and realizing it just wasn't what I was looking for. I came home and was determined to find out what she was wearing. So I finally figured out it isn't nail polish! So basically it is a nail covering that sticks to your nail with heat. The company is called "Minx Nails" and can range from $30-$55 for an application. So I am currently searching for local salons that apply Minx nails! I totally need this gold metallic, it's honestly sooooo nice! My birthday is on Saturday so if I can do it before then that'd be fabulous! We'll see...if not I'm off to NY next week so I will do it before then, so excited!!! Take a look:

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