Ombre Hair

I've been wanting to do something different with my hair for a while now... I'm over getting highlights and all that stuff so my hair has been one solid colour for just over a year now (a really dark brown). I want to add some dimension and colour into it though so I've been contemplating getting "ombre" hair. This pretty much means your hair fades from dark at the top to lightest at the bottom. These are some pictures of celebrities with Ombre Hair that I've been looking at while I make my decision! I'm looking to do more of the brown tones not so much blonde. More like the last picture of Victoria Secret supermodel Lily Aldridge or Jessica Biel. It's still subtle with some colour, looks natural and effortless.  
Lauren Conrad
Hilary Duff
Drew Barrymore
Megan Fox
Jessica Biel
Ashlee Simpson
Lily Aldridge

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