Must Have

Ok so I know these particular foxtails were featured for Louis Vuitton's Spring 2010 runway collection. And although I think they look super cute and add a lot of style to a handbag, I am not too keen on the $1,220 price tag or the colours. This was my inspiration though and has inspired me to want a foxtail for my Speedy 35 in Monogram. I just want to add a little something to it because right now it looks a little plain and that's not really me. I am looking for a brown/khaki coloured foxtail for my Speedy. Now, I'm thinking I don't want a real one just because the animal activist in me tells me to get a faux fur foxtail (I mean a real one is just plain cruel...right?)In the meantime, I will be keeping my eyes open for a faux fur foxtail!

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