Obsessed With: Wildfox Couture

So I am currently very obsessed with Wildfox Couture! I could have posted the whole collection but I tried to contain myself to only my favourites. The clothing is nothing fancy, mostly jersey material. But I love the rocker and 80s vibe the loose t-shirts and cropped tops have. A lot of celebrities have been spotted wearing the label including Audrina Patridge, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, and Kourtney Kardashian. I put all the pictures in a collage style for easy viewing so I hope you all enjoy!! PS: I want to order the cropped top Vanessa Hudgens is wearing but they are currently sold out of my size =( OH, and remember Aly from the show The City? She is also featured in the campaign!

Skool Sucks Unisex Tee ($77)
Big Pink Heart-Tube Dress ($88)
I heart Wildfox Unisex Tee ($77)
Original Love Potion #9 ($64)
Wildfox#9 Love Potion-V Neck Tee Wildfox #9 ($64)
Wildfox Love Potion-Baggy Beach Jumper ($108)
My heart belongs in BH-Flashdance Sweatshirt ($88)
Wildfox#9 Mega Babe Tank ($55)
Mini Hearts Bike Shorts ($79)

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