To Buy or Not to Buy??

I've really really really been wanting a Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 lately. I know, I know everyone has one, and i'm not one to buy something that a lot of people have...BUT I really love this bag!! I think the shape and style is just classic, and is great for everyday use. The Speedy 35 is a great size too because you can use it for travel as well. I'm just not sure what colour or pattern I would like.I really love the Azur but I feel like the monogram or the ebene would match with everything! Well...here are the three I am debating between:
Monogram Canvas, Speedy 35 ($715) Louis Vuitton
Damier Azur Canvas, Speedy 35 ($715) Louis Vuitton

Damier Ebene Canvas, Speedy 35 ($715) Louis Vuitton


  1. Amanda! This is soo exciting and I love everything about it! I've been trying to find a fashion blog that i could follow for the longest time and havent been successful but now i have yours!! i trust your fashion sense and i know you soo obviously im going to follow yours.

    This is so great. you are actually so legit and its so exciting!

    As for Louis, if it had to be between two, it would be Azur and Monogram. But im definitely feeling the Azur. Get that one!

    Cant wait to see more!


  2. i like the azur ... the colours are just softer and look so cute together. i feel like it'd be ultra versatile, too.