Trend Alert: Lucite/Transparent Accessories

I just came back from watching Shutter Island starring Leonardo DiCaprio, ummmm YIKES!! Good movie, but I'm sooo scared now! I don't usually watch movies like that because I get scared very easily but I love DiCaprio so I had to watch it.I'm super freaked out so before I go to sleep I figured I should post something that will make me HAPPY =)

Anyways!I've been seeing a lot of lucite accessories at different stores with the launch of different spring collections. I think this is going to be a big trend for the upcoming season. I have to say I'm totally feeling it though with the right outfit!! Don't want to spend a lot on a trend? Good news is you can find some at all different price points! Don't splurge for expensive items, you can pretty much achieve the same look by purchasing accessories essentially made out of plastic. Looks the same...I even saw a set of a couple clear plastic bangles for like $7 at H&M the other day. Perfect to complete a nautical look for the spring/summer! Here are some transparent accessories I've come across so far:
Rhodium Cuff Clear ($175) Michael Kors
Rhodium Bead Necklace ($695) Michael Kors
Plastic Bracelets ($32) Swarovski

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