Tattoo me please!

So I read about this back in January and I thought it was soooo cool, but now that the product has launched this month I thought I'd do a quick post about it.
If you're a huge CHANEL fan like myself, keep reading...
Chanel revealed back in January that it will release a line of transferrable tattoo's. Or what Chanel is calling Les Trompe L'oeil de Chanel, a set of 55 individual tattoos for about £49 (that works out to about $75 CAD). That is not too bad, I mean taking into consideration it is CHANEL and you are getting 55 tattoos. Don't get it? Look at the pictures below!! I actually want these, I wonder if they are available in Canada.

*UPDATE*: So I just called the Chanel on Bloor and they are sold out, but the lady was so nice she told me they are getting more on Wednesday! So I secured mine with a credit card and I'll be getting them as soon as I can make a trip downtown! YAY! I want to wear the bracelet one! It's going to be so nice to wear in the summer. I'll wear one for my birthday! Woot woot, i'm excited!


  1. OMG thats soo cute!! Do you know how long they stay on for?

  2. I know aren't they adorable! They stay on for a couple days if you don't like sweat like crazy. The lady said to remove them u just use soap so I'm thinking 2 days. I'm so excited to get them! =D

  3. ah those are awesome. i'm excited to see what you'll wear them with