If you haven't noticed by now I LOVE H&M!!!!! My bank account maybe not so much...but trendy clothing at affordable prices, heeellllooooo where can you go wrong?? I visit H&M probably like 4 times a week, if not more(mainly because I work in a mall so it's very easy for me). Bottom line, I'm always in there! I've actually purchased a lot of clothes from there in the past 2 weeks which I am going to post in the next couple of days. Today I purchased a pair of denim jeggings for $24.95.
Jeggings= if jeans and tights had a baby they would make jeggings. Basically, they are a mix between the two.
I have actually grown to love these, at first I was a big hater BUT they are super comfortable and they look great. They are a great alternative for those who hate wearing jeans...

I also bought a denim top for $12.95. It is the same top Daria Werbowy is wearing in the picture labelled #7 in my post below.

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