Bedroom Makeover

Soooo, as I mentioned before I really want to re-decorate my room! My inspiration for my new room is kind of like shabby chic. I don't want it to be too matchy matchy (if that makes sense). I want to make it kind of rustic, mixed in with a vintage and modern, classy feel. I have a perf vision in mind!!! So here are a couple of things I want to buy for my glorious vision!!!!!
These are just some ideas, not everything is meant to go together.
Damsel Wall Paper ($78) UrbanOutfitters
Neon Fawn Lamp and Shade ($48) UrbanOutfitters
Waterfall Ruffle Curtain ($68) UrbanOutfitters
Damask Velvet Burnout Curtain ($58) UrbanOutfitters
Waterfall Ruffle Duvet Cover ($128) UrbanOutfitters
Gathered Velvet Pillow ($24) UrbanOutfitters
Deco Leaf Hook ($4) UrbanOutfitters


  1. that wallpaper is reeeallllyyy nice. damn.

  2. Hey amanda,
    Ive got like a white, black and yellow them happening in my room right now...

    But i hate it because ive got like brown wood panelling going on, like on the baseboard and around the window. i forget if your room has any brown wood like that, but the starkness of the white and black stands out so much with the wood. if you have light or dark brown wood itll be cool, but just a heads up if you happen to have 70's brown.