Chanel Sports Equipment

(This post is dedicated to my sister)
Anyone who knows me definitely knows I am not a very athletic person. I go to the gym but that is as far as I'll go. I don't really play sports...ok actually I never play sports. Wait! I was on the volleyball team in grade 6, that counts!!But i'll play any sports if I had this equipment!!!

Want to get me to snowboard? The only way I will is if I have a CHANEL board and bindings. Hahahahaha..

Hell, i'll go skiing too!
Wait! I like tennis!!! Awww, these are so so so so cute!! This makes me want to become the next tennis sensation!
Wow, how cool would you be if you had a Chanel raft?? I think that's what this is...who cares it's cool!


  1. hahahhahaa
    chanel is so inspiring

  2. LOL this is the cutest thing in the world.
    where do you find all this stuff?