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So I want to try out this new post that I will call "Get the look" I will show a picture of a celebrity wearing an outfit, and show you alternatives that you can buy to achieve this look! This first one I am going to start off with is a bit outrageous, but I had to do it! Stay tuned for some more wearable posts though ;) ENJOY!

Well, since I love Lady Gaga I figured my first post would be about her! Since she is known for her unexpected and outrageous outfits, I figured I'd do my version of a more wearable ensemble! We all remember when Gaga wore this crazy lace cutout dress to the VMA awards, so here is my version with a little Gaga inspiration!

Original Look:

My Version:
Keeping with the red lace motif, I chose this vintage floral lace dress that I found at Nasty Gal. You can even cut the length of the dress to make it shorter (if desired). Wear it with a pair of red pumps like Gaga did! I chose these stunning Christian Loubatin shoes with a large flower on the front (similar to the pair Lady Gaga wore).
Siren Floral Lace Dress ($88) Nasty Gal
Miss ChaCha by Christian Louboutin

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