I LOVE HomeSense!!

So tonight I re-kindled my love for interior decorating when I visited HomeSense and Winners on my way home from work. I really want to re-decorate my room so I've been shopping around for different things whenever I get a chance. I went to Winners first and bought two trays, which I'm going to use to display my jewelry. Then I headed to HomeSense, where I spent like over an hour walking around the store and drooling over all the pretty things!!!!! I ended up buying a few things even though I wanted the whole store. I took a picture of what I purchased, so check it out!

Here is what I bought:
-Two pictures for $29.99, each one is like a collage of Dior and Chanel.
-3 bowls (one in a dusty rose, a cream, and a pale blue). YES, they are bowls food but I am going to use them to store rings/charms. They were $2.99 each. BTW, the matching plates and cups for this set is adorable!!!!
-Glass vase for $9.99. I think I will use it to store more jewelry. (I have a ton of accessories I need to display).
-White pencil/utensil holder for $5.99. I am going to use it to put my makeup brushes in.
-And lastly, the two trays from Winners which I will use for bangles, sunglasses etc.

I really love the idea of using unconventional ways of storing jewelry...so much more unique and girly!! Can't wait to start re-decorating!!!!!!

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